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Running an online estate auctions successfully has never been more simple than with CT Bids from Caring Transitions, learn more about how we can help you in West Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas

As a national leader in online estate auctions services, Caring Transitions takes a local focus on assisting customers with selling or donating belongings that are not wanted. With an office in Indianapolis, they help Indy West residents that need to either downsize or liquidate an estate quickly and who might be limited on time and resources. Estate sales traditionally take a lot of organization and resources, which many just don’t have, our online estate auctions platform, CT Bids can help.

What exactly is CT Bids, and how can it help? 

Our exclusive online estate auctions platform CT Bids helps us sell you or a loved one’s belongings fast and easy. Instead of taking on the burden of hosting an in-person auction we can list your items directly online which provides interest from buyers not just locally but around the country. More impressionable buyers mean your items will go quickly, freeing up your time and allowing you to relax.

How does it work, and how can you get started?

When you use out CT Bids online estate auctions platform, you’ll have complete control over how you want your personal belongings to be sold. We offer an array of options when setting up your items for sale, like:

  • Auction: This is the traditional method for selling an item in an auction. Bidders are allowed the opportunity to outbid each out until the item is finally sold to the highest offer. 
  • Fixed-Price: If you’re concerned about the value of the item not being met during an auction you can choose to list the item at a fixed-price, and the first buyer takes it. 
  • Classified Ad: Run a classified ad for the item that lists out additional information and pictures to entice buyers. Once the item sells the seller removes the ad listing.
  • Buy Now: Buy now items refer to fixed-price listings that are available for instant purchase from the seller at a specific price. These items are not auctioned. 
  • Reserve: If sellers are curious about auctioning items but are wary of not meeting the value of the item, they can set a reserve price that is now shown to buyers. This allows an auction to still take place and, in the end,, the seller is able to see the highest bidding offer and determine if they will reconsider their reserve price or run the auction again. 

If you want to learn more about our CT Bids Online Auction application. Contact us today at (317) 350-6169 or use our online contact form. Our specialists will schedule a free no-obligation consultation with you to see how we can best help you with your online estate auctions needs. We look forward to working with you soon!


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