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Cleaning out an estate can be more work than you can handle alone, so let our estate cleanout services help you sort everything out in West Indianapolis, IN

When a loved one passes away, families are often left with the burden of dealing with the estate. However, these matters need to be settled tactfully and quickly if you want to avoid unnecessary expenditures. At Caring Transitions Indy West, we understand that this can be a very emotional and stressful time and we want to help. Our estate cleanout services can efficiently manage all your cleanout and estate needs.

How It Works

When you let our team provide estate cleanout services, you will get top-class customer support that will exceed all your expectations. The level of commitment of our knowledgeable staff sets us apart from the competition. And Our mission is to help you go through your transition stress-free, from start to finish.

Recycling & Donating Old or Unwanted Items

99% of estate cleanouts are about going through someone’s personal belongings and determining what objects you want to hold on to and what you do not want to keep. Most people end up keeping only a few treasured items while everything else is discarded. Our  estate cleanout services will help you responsibly dispose of these belongings. Typically, you can either opt to recycle or donate them to local charities.

Our specialists adhere to the principals of environmental responsibility, which perfectly aligns with Caring Transitions Indy West motto – Respect, Integrity, and Trust. We want our communities to thrive in the long run, meaning the objective of every cleanout is to leave as little impact on the environment as possible.

Give a New Life to Your Loved One’s Belongings

Through eco-friendly recycling and donation efforts, we can ensure your loved one’s belongings are given a second life. And your family will have peace of mind knowing that these items went to those in need, those who will find a good use for them. As we collaborate with numerous non-profits in Western Indianapolis, we can utilize our network of associates to swiftly donate any of your unwanted items to designated organizations of your choosing.

If the clock is ticking on your upcoming estate sale, downsizing, or relocation project, do not hesitate to contact our team today at (317) 350-6169 to learn more about how we help clients with our transition, relocation & estate cleanout services. We look forward to working with you!


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