Don't Throw That Out! 5 Common Items Worth More Than You Think

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Don't Throw That Out! 5 Common Items Worth More Than You Think

Are there priceless items in your cupboards and closets? The answer could be yes! From priceless paintings to retro comics, you could have more money in your home than you think. Experts at Mental Floss remind readers to find treasure in, “collectibles of any kind” and even consider taking a second look at “those dusty old toys and sickeningly retro Pyrex casserole dishes your grandmother used to warm up meatloaf in can bring in hundreds of dollars.” If you are ready to sort the gems from the junk in your home, here is a list of 5 commonly uncommon items worth a second look before they’re tossed in the trash.

Vinyl Records

What’s old is spinning around to make a comeback, especially when it comes to vinyl records. Your vinyl collection could be worth thousands in the right condition. Music historians at say the range of what the records are worth falls in two categories “some have an evergreen value, while other valuable vinyl records fluctuate in price depending on buying trends, band anniversaries and other notable events, including the death of an artist.”

Board Games

Check your closets and attics for board games that could give your bank account a boost. Personal finance expert Cynthia Measom mentioned some sets are worth close to $1,000 or more. A still-sealed 1974 anniversary edition of Monopoly was valued just under $2,500 and in 2011 a craftsman created a gold-plated Monopoly board and set valued more than $2 million, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Books and Cookbooks

Don’t judge your books by the cover. Take a closer look at your book collection to see if it includes valuable items worth more than you expect. Interior design expert John Linden says, “a first-edition copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses, for example, is valued at around $8,000.” If there are vintage cookbooks in the mix with your book collection they could also be worth more than expected, even if they are well used.

Lunch Boxes

If you still have your daughter or son’s elementary school lunch boxes in the cabinet, keep an eye out for items that may be worth more than you expect. Self-proclaimed history and sci-fi nerd Alex Daniel wrote, very few “items encapsulate the pop culture obsessions of their era better than lunch boxes.” The value on these small unique time capsules can jump in value over time. Surprising items like “a Jetsons 1963 lunch box can pull in $1,650 these days, while a rare 1954 Superman box can be worth as much as $16,000.”


Before you replace your tool set or that of a loved one, check to see if the old set is a classic coveted by collectors. Experts at say “[c]lassic tools fetch a pretty impressive price, and that's especially true of a few particularly high-value items. For example, a Chaplin No. 1 plane recently went for $7,700, while a rare John Deere Wrench (of which just 100 were made) sold for $16,500…”

As you clean your attic and closet storage, remember to open old boxes especially those that haven’t been opened from move-to-move. If tackling the attic feels like a daunting task, consider hiring experts like Caring Transitions that can help you clear and declutter your space in addition to finding a happy home for hidden gem valuable items with tools like CTBIDS.


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